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Simplifying Therapy

Simplifying Therapy


Psychiatric & Counseling


As a licensed therapist, I often found myself wishing I had tools to send home with my clients - tools that reinforced different therapeutic techniques and skills that we would work on in session. I wanted something that people could pick up and use. I wanted something that was easy to follow and was not limited to only those who were in therapy treatment. And I didn't want just tools - I also wanted to bring each tool to life in the form of a class or workshop. So I founded Simplifying Therapy!

 Simplifying Therapy is an educational center focused solely on mental health education. We have different class series & toolkits available so anyone can find techniques that serve them. Each of our collections are intentionally crafted and inspired by evidence-based therapeutic techniques that work to empower people with information & insight to do life, better!

 Join our mission below! We are just getting started!


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