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Everything Clean Laundromat LLC - Elgin

Everything Clean Laundromat LLC - Elgin




Everything Clean Laundromat is the newest and most advanced laundry service provider in Elgin. We are a 6,000 square foot facility with brand new equipment and an Ozone system for optimal cleaning. Our facility has small and large washers to meet whatever needs that you have. Whether you have everyday laundry or sleeping bags after a camping trip, we can accommodate your needs.

Everything Clean Laundromat is also an eco-friendly laundromat! We are one of the very few that provides the Ozone system. Ozone kills bacteria, fungi and live viruses in both your clothes and in the the washing machines. Your clothes come out of the machines completely sanitized! This system allows the clothes to dry faster - saving you time and being more eco friendly by using less energy.

Give our facility in Elgin a try, we trust that you won't be disappointed!


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