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BluePoint Alert Solutions

BluePoint Alert Solutions

BluePoint Alert Solutions


Safety & Security


BluePoint Alert Systems does for law enforcement what a fire alarm does for the fire department. Founded to enable faster police response and immediate facility-wide notification of a dangerous situation, the system is both easy to use in an emergency and dependable so that it will be there when needed. Initially installed in Burlington Central High School with pull stations similiar to the iconic ''red'' fire pull stations, blue strobe lights were placed throughout the school allowing for instant notification to both the police department and occupants in the building. Designed to protect lives during an intruder incident, BluePoint Alert Solutions provides a rapid response through this rapid alert system. The most frequent comment this new company receives is ''why hasn't anyone does this before now?'' Their efforts have been recognized by peers in the industry by being awarded the 2014 New Product of the Year for Crisis Management by Security Products Magazine.

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