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Blackhawk Bank's Vision, Mission & Core Values Our Vision To create exceptional results by creating exceptional experiences...the fun, smart place to bank, invest and work. Our Mission To make every customer a customer for life. Our Core Values We will... be obsessed with our Client's success. keep learning and teaching. own it. work smart, play hard. communicate in ways that engage and inform. give. be grateful. Then and Now: An Historic View In a Certificate of Organization adopted on March 26, 1881, a group of community leaders agreed “to associate ourselves in a corporate body to be known as Beloit Savings Bank for the purpose of receiving the deposits of laborers, mechanics, servants, minors and others, and to loan the same for the benefit of such depositors.” S.T. Merrill was elected the first President of the bank. Secretary / Treasurer John A. Holmes was authorized, under the direction of the Financial Committee, to make all necessary arrangements in conformity to law for the opening of Beloit Savings Bank. It served its customers from 2 until 4 PM on Mondays and Saturdays from the 2nd floor of the D.S. Foster Building in downtown Beloit, Wisconsin, after agreeing to “cause such repairs as were proper, not to exceed the sum of twenty dollars.” So it began in 1881 for the bank now known as Blackhawk Bank. Since, the bank has thrived for generations under the guidance of its seventeen Presidents and numerous local civic and business leaders serving on its Board of Directors. The leadership skills of these men and women have positioned Blackhawk Bank as a for

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