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Image Awards honor those making positive impact on Elgin

Image Awards honor those making positive impact on Elgin

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"We are so pleased to host the Elgin Image awards on October 18,"  said Denise Raleigh, Co-Chair of the Enhancing Elgin Committee and Gail Borden Library spokesperson.  "It is an honor to help highlight what organizations and people are doing to create positive impact in the community."

"We are grateful to our Enhancing Elgin Committee, the judges and the nominators, for helping us highlight these wonderful projects, organizations and people who make a lasting difference in our community , " said Carol Gieske, President & CEO, Elgin Area Chamber. "Of course, we are most grateful to these award-winning contributors and we look forward to highlighting them on October 18."

We will be recognizing:

Creating a Difference Groups/ Excellence in DEI or Building Equity                       

African American Coalition of Kane County (AACKC) -  Advocacy and Empowerment: The AACKC, led by Shirley Bassett, has played a crucial role in promoting Juneteenth celebrations, offering programs on entrepreneurship and social justice, and supporting community members, embodying servant leadership and Dr. King's ideals.                    

Elgin Hispanic Network - The Elgin Hispanic Network has positively impacted the Latino community and more in Elgin through educational scholarships, housing initiatives, and community engagement, leaving a lasting legacy of unity and progress.

The Haight: Excellence in Community Engagement - The Haight, a thriving Elgin event community venue in Elgin, has made a significant impact through hosting occasions, fundraisers, and community involvement, becoming a catalyst for tourism while inspiring others.

Creating a Difference Groups/ Youth Service Project (for people 21 and under)                       

Organization of Latin American Students at Elgin Community College - OLAS hosts the Miss Latinoamérica pageant, inspiring young Latina women to embrace their culture, pursue higher education, and create a sense of community, while also offering scholarship opportunities for undocumented students.

Professional Rockstar

Dianha Ortega-Ehreth - Her extensive service in Elgin includes roles in various organizations and boards, significantly impacting the Latino community, and creating opportunities for jobs, housing, legal counsel, education, and more.

Gamechanger Project                      

Elgin History Museum Nancy Kimball Cobblestone House -The Museum's project rehabilitating the Nancy Kimball Cobblestone House, has provided valuable space for local history exhibits, educational programs, and community events, contributing to Elgin's historical preservation and education.                        

Go With the Flow - Carrie Zaccaria and the Elgin Area's Men Shed collaborated to create "Hygiene Hutches" to provide hygiene products and necessities to those in need, hoping that this concept will catch on with other organizations.                        

Firefighter’s Memorial Plaza - Mike Falese took the initiative to plan and organize the Firefighters Memorial Plaza, dedicated to fallen Illinois firefighters, showcasing his dedication to preserving Elgin's history while looking forward to honoring past, present, and future firefighters.                       

Well Child Center  "Food for Families" Pantry  - The Well Child Center's "Food for Families" pantry, established in November 2022, has provided essential food and supplies to over 2,300 families and 10,000+ individuals in Elgin, significantly impacting the community's most vulnerable children and families.

Violins of Hope - In partnership with many local organizations, the Violins of Hope Elgin Collaborative's mission to showcase Jewish stories of resilience, resistance and unity was achieved by bringing the Violins of Hope to Elgin, with over 75,210 people visiting the exhibit, inspiring hope and unity through concerts, plays, and lectures.                       

ELGbtq Pride Parade and Festival  ELGbtq+ volunteers organized Elgin's first Pride Parade and Festival, creating a safe, welcoming environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies, bringing the community together to celebrate diversity and promote love, respect, and care for all citizens.

Creating A Difference Group/ Green Initiative/Sustainable Business of the Year

Elgin Math and Science Academy - Outdoor Environmental Education: Elgin Math and Science Academy is working to address the "nature gap" by providing outdoor environmental education and experiences for students, connecting them to the natural world, creating future stewards of the environment and fostering active, healthy, and resilient lifestyle.

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