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In the Light Studios

In the Light Studios


Branding Video Production Website Design


IN THE LIGHT STUDIOS THE EDUCATIONAL BRAND MARKETING CREATIVE AGENCY ILS' primary objectives are to help you grab attention with your image, manage perception, influence your branding, and help you get your vision in the light. We're here to help you motivate your people through awe-inspiring compelling digital media in a way that visually connects and communicates in a real and authentic way. SERVICES WE PROVIDE Branding Purpose | Messaging | Brand Identity First impressions are key in a competitive market. What others say about your organization will be more important than what you say about yourself. Print Design Marketing Collateral | Book Illustration | Murals The ability to weave photography, typography, and graphics into a compelling piece will determine how well one's message is visually communicated. Video Promo | Training | Short Films | Documentary With so many dynamics in producing a video (the story, b-roll, sound design, music), it can be the most powerful tool one can use to leave a lasting impression. It can inform, educate, promote, inspire and impel action. 3D/PRODUCT VISUALIZATION Product | Advertisement | Pre-Visualization 3D Renderings brings to life what has yet to be experienced. It can serve as a way to pre-visualize a product before production, or show how something works. It can replace a real object or provide a venue to create one that does not exist. Web Design Organizations | Non-Profits The gateway to worlds beyond what most people will ever experience, your website is the window to your organization for the outside world.


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