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Food For Greater Elgin's change of Executive Director

Food For Greater Elgin's change of Executive Director

Dr. Michael Montgomery resigned from his position as Executive Director of Food for Greater Elgin. The Board of Directors has hired Andres Diez to replace him in that role.

Montgomery was called to serve as executive director in January, 2020, when COVID-19 was a distant rumor and Food for Greater Elgin was struggling financially with a $500,000 budget. Montgomery led the pantry through three years of steady growth in support and people served. In the fiscal year just ending, Food for Greater Elgin raised over $1 million dollars and provided food to over 160,000 people.

“It is not what I have done,” commented Montgomery, “but what we, as a community, did to make sure that our neighbors did not go without food or support. It says a lot about Elgin as a community that cares for those who need help because we know that, at some time or another, we all need a helping hand. Nothing would have happened without the corporate leadership of John B. Sanfilippo and Son, Bank of America, the bi-partisan support of Elgin Township, the City of Elgin nonprofit organizations like Northern Illinois Food Pantry, and the average of two thousand people a year who helped support the work of providing food for those who were in need.”

Rachel Traficanti, the chairperson of the board of directors of FFGE, noted, “Michael came to FFGE at a time when funds were tight and the world shut down, causing an immediate drastic increase in need, and along with it a demand for funding. He dove right in, helping raise significant funds and guiding the pantry through the pandemic. Throughout his tenure as executive director, Michael has put our mission of fighting food insecurity first, making sure those in need were provided food to live. He has been a true leader in the community, and we wish him the best in this next chapter of his life. Food for Greater Elgin is forever grateful for his leadership and influence in the community.”

FFGE welcomes Andres Diez as the new ED, who is no stranger to the pantry. A retired banker living in Wayne, he came to Food for Greater Elgin as a volunteer two years ago, eventually joining the staff as the development director. Diez has worked closely with Montgomery and other leaders in the community.

“I very much look forward to continuing Michael’s great work,” said Diez. “Together, we’ll continue to grow the pantry and provide food and services to the Greater Elgin community.”

If you would like to support the continued work of the pantry, we invite you to donate or volunteer with us. Find more information at

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